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India Hicks

"LET’S BE EXTRAORDINARY" At India Hicks, we are committed to your success and will give you all the tools you need to build a strong solid direct sales business. Alongside your Style Ambassador, you will feel loved, appreciated, and equipped to take your income to any level you choose!


India Hicks Jewelry - TOKEN OF LOVE - In Britain, the practice of engraving a small coin as a token to give to friends and loved ones goes for over 400 years. Our Indi Tokens are the same size as a British Pound coin, but of course are much more valuable!


India Hicks Perfume and beauty products have the power of plants, we fine-tune our mind and body with their natural energy.This courageous spiderlily is combined with other wild flowers, and a note of fresh sea air - fabulous!

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Spring Collection

India Hicks Spring 2016 Collection from India Hicks on Vimeo.


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